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Amazon Transcribe is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) service that makes it easy for developers to add speech-to-text capability to their applications. Using the Amazon Transcribe API, you can analyze audio files stored in Amazon S3 and have the service return a text file of the transcribed speech. You can also send a live audio stream to Amazon Transcribe and receive a stream of transcripts in real time.

Amazon Transcribe can be used for lots of common applications, including the transcription of customer service calls and generating subtitles on audio and video content. The service can transcribe audio files stored in common formats, like WAV and MP3, with time stamps for every word so that you can easily locate the audio in the original source by searching for the text. Amazon Transcribe is continually learning and improving to keep pace with the evolution of language.

Key Features


Most speech recognition systems output a string of text without punctuation. Amazon Transcribe uses deep learning to add punctuation and formatting automatically, so that the output is more intelligible and can be used without any further editing.


Amazon Transcribe returns a timestamp for each word, so that you can easily locate the audio in the original recording by searching for the text.


Amazon Transcribe is designed to provide accurate and automated transcripts for a wide range of audio quality. You can generate subtitles for any video or audio files, and even transcribe low quality telephony recordings such as customer service calls.

Custom Vocabulary

Amazon Transcribe gives you the ability to expand and customize the speech recognition vocabulary. You can add new words to the base vocabulary and generate highly-accurate transcriptions specific to your use case, such as product names, domain-specific terminology, or names of individuals.


Amazon Transcribe is able to recognize when the speaker changes and attribute the transcribed text appropriately. This can significantly reduce the amount of work needed to transcribe audio with multiple speakers like telephone calls, meetings, and television shows.


Amazon Transcribe is able to process audio and video where each speaker is recorded on different channels. Contact centers stand to benefit significantly by submitting a single audio file to Amazon Transcribe, which will identify each channel and produce a single transcript with annotated by channel labels.


With Amazon Transcribe, you can transcribe audio to text in real time. Using a secure connection over the HTTP 2 protocol, you can send a live audio stream to the service, and in return, receive a stream of text in real time.

Use Cases

Amazon Transcribe can provide transcription for a wide range of use cases including customer service, subtitling, search, and compliance.


By converting audio input into text, Amazon Transcribe lets you build text analytics applications that can search and analyze voice input. Customer contact centers can use Amazon Transcribe to transcribe voice-based interactions, and mine the data for insights using other 不朽情缘试玩网址 services like Amazon Comprehend to extract meaning and intent from conversations.


Amazon Transcribe can help content generation and media distributors improve reach and access by automatically generating time-stamped subtitles that can be displayed along with the video content.


The service enables you to transcribe audio and video assets into fully searchable archives for compliance monitoring and risk management. Customers can use Amazon Transcribe to convert audio to text, and use Amazon Elasticsearch service to index and perform text-based search across their audio/video library.



Audio data is virtually impossible for computers to search and analyze. Amazon Transcribe makes it easy to convert recorded speech into text and integrate these capabilities into applications and downstream tasks. Transcribe can be applied to live audio and video streams or broadcast content for real-time subtitling or transcription.


You can transform customer experiences with Transcribe’s optimized models for call transcription, live video subtitling, and clinical documentation.


Transcribe uses a deep learning process called automatic speech recognition (ASR) to deliver highly accurate transcripts. Define vocabulary words to generate more accurate transcriptions for domain-specific words and phrases like names or technical terminology.

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